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12pc TCT Hole Saw Set

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12pc TCT Hole Saw Set


  • 3-ply cutting edges prevent cutters broken even in heavy-duty use.
  • 25mm effective length enables cutting ranging from thick steel sheet to thick metal pipes with curved surface.
  • The abrasion reducing design increases its durability with easier and faster cutting capability.
  • Ejector spring,  pilot drill bit and screw are fixed together for all diameters


  • 7pcs of hole saws: 19mm,22mm,25mm,29mm,35mm,44mm,51mm; 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 1-1/8″, 1-3/8″,  1-3/4″, 2″
  • 2pcs of pilot bits
  • 1pc or arbor
  • 2pcs of hex keys
  • Other specifications and packages are also available